Hello April 2015

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So, I'll admit that I don't update this page nearly as much as I should, but after a furious night's work on setting up some stuff, I'm pleased to report I finally found a way to link back to base pages immediately after registration completes. Now that I know where that's at, I'll edit the post-activation page as well to include basically the same information.

In other news, you'll discover that we have a new base on the Network! It's only a mock-up right now, but considering it's a free website, I don't see why they wouldn't use it. You can check it out at


Required Legalese

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Just in case it's not otherwise figured out, I thought I should inform you that the opinions and views expressed on this site are a representation only of the individual that has written them and do not reflect the views or opinions of anyone else. Furthermore, the Armed Forces Against Drunk Driving (AFADD) is in no way officially affiliated with any part or branch of any government anywhere and we possess no governmental status. Thank you for your understanding.